Chapters from Mobile DNA III Available as Reviews from Microbiology Spectrum

Following up on a brief exchange on twitter with Maitreya DunhamI thought it would be worth highlighting a recent series of excellent in-depth review articles on most of the major model systems in transposable element biology that have come out in two issues of Microbiology Spectrum. The series includes reviews on the P-element, R2-element, piggyBac, Sleeping Beauty, LINE-1, Ty1, Ty3Tf1/Tf2Tn3, and many others.

Check out the full tables of contents here:

It appears that these reviews are the same content as found in individual chapters of the recently released third edition of Mobile DNA. Oddly, I am able to download the reviews from Microbiology Spectrum at work for free, but would have to pay $30.00 per chapter from the Mobile DNA website. I haven’t checked this for all chapters/reviews, but it’s probably worth trying the Microbiology Spectrum website first. Enjoy!